Today (27th March 2015) marks Tommy’s 13th Birthday.


Tommy was a puppy in Westfield Shopping Centre; the cute little puppy in the window.

His first owners soon discovered that little puppies pee, poo and chew, so he was passed to another owner who discovered the same, and relocated him to their parent’s place.

Tommy attended dog-training school at Hanrob Pet Hotels and after 18 days was awarded his obedience certificate. Unfortunately, his owners did not keep up the training at home, and also, the day came when the owner’s parents were moving back to Vietnam. Tommy was going to be homeless.

I had recently lost my long haired German Shepherd, which broke my heart. I missed her immensely. Living by myself was suddenly very lonely. I heard about Tommy from a friend of a friend and although a Labrador was not my first choice, I reluctantly agreed to visit Tommy’s owner’s place.

206649_122147197859816_3593721_nOnce I saw what a neurotic mess he was and the conditions he lived in, my animal heart kicked in and agreed to look after him.

Tommy instantly came to me the first time we met and, although I was told he didn’t like going in cars, I opened the door of my car and called him over and he jumped straight in. That connection has only grown stronger over the 10 years I’ve owned him.

My last wife spent a lot of time in training Tommy to do all sorts of things that a helper dog would do; like getting the mail and newspaper for me, picking up anything I drop or want off the floor and fetching my slippers. When I drink a beer out on the verandah, all I have to do is crush the can. The noise is Tommy’s signal to take my empty can out to the kitchen and fetch another full can for me. He closes doors, sneaks across the floor, and if I shoot him with my finger, he plays dead… and the list goes on. He really is a great dog and best friend.

“Happy Birthday Tommy”