Surfing For People With Disability

The Disabled Surfers Association of Australia Inc

The DSAA is uniquely Australian having ambitions to go global, whilst setting world

The DSA is a non-profit organisation run by a small core of hard working volunteers. We are self-funded association, who exists through fundraising, annual ‘hands on’ events and help from the business and local community.

Following is a brief history of the DSA followed by a list of the ways you can help.

Brief History

The Disabled Surfers Association was established by Gary Blaschke in 1986. Gary was involved in a motorcycle accident in which he lost his kneecap and under went extensive rehabilitation. During this period he recognised a void within the community, of specialised sporting bodies who are able to give people with disabilities the opportunity to take part in community interaction in particular to enjoy our abundance of beaches.

The DSA members have broad ranging disabilities from asthmatics to the paraplegic. Many members have found friendship, support and have renewed their interest in surfing that has given them a new zest for life.

The success of the DSA is illustrated in its growth, with branches in Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle. In the last 12 months the DSA has responded to further demand for its services by establishing another two branches, in ByronBay and Port Macquarie. This brings our total membership to over 250 disabled and able bodied members. Our success is further demonstrated in the receiving of two prestigious awards in 2003.

The “Surfing Hall of Fame Award” and the “Australian Sports Medal Award”.

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Help support the DSA.

  1. The DSA is seeking any items that can be included in the ‘give away’ show bags. Examples of items include key rings, stickers, caps, videos and magazines. We will make use of all items that have been donated either in the ‘give away’ bags or as part of the major raffle prize.
  2. The DSA is also after donations of any food or drink items that they can use on the day from snack foods to barbeque items and a variety of drinks.
  3. The DSA also appreciates financial donations that will be used to pay for incidental items for the day that have not been donated. Any excess monies collected will be put back into the organisation for equipment etc so that we can continue to provide our much valued service.

Benefits to our Sponsors / Supporters

In return for your support the DSA will put your company name on our web site (we can also provide a link to your website if you have one). In addition if you have banners or posters the DSA will display them at the Hands on Day.

Benefits for the DSA

With your support the DSA will be able to continue to provide an invaluable, unique service to the community as well as allowing the DSA to purchase essential equipment that will assist the DSA to expand into all areas of the community to get people out of their chairs and back to an active, healthy life style.


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