What most people take for granted, such a simple thing like “Being Able To Standcan make such an impact on a persons life.

I don’t blame people for not knowing or appreciating the fact unless they have been or known someone in the situation. I felt I was getting to the point in my life that would warrant the use of a motorised wheelchair. I researched all sorts of chairs but was looking for something that would benefit me as well as meeting the needs of a motorised wheelchair.

In my search came across this Standing wheelchair and from the moment I saw it I wanted one.

Now that I do have one I wish these were available for me 23 years ago and strongly believe they should be a standard supply for those that can not stand by themselves.

If they were more readily available maybe the price would become more affordable. I paid close enough to $40k AUD. (sucks)

It is not a replacement for my manual chair as the manual chair gives me exercise that I don not get from a power chair. Although if you can not push a manual chair then this is the chair for you.

I have always found that when I go out anywhere that has a lot of background noise you are soon lost from any conversations as your voice has to travel upwards to the people you are trying to communicate with.

Have you ever been out to such a place with a small child and feel them tugging on your leg to get attention as you are not hearing what they have to say…….You then squat or bend down to hear them. Well the same applies to a person in a wheelchair.

I am 6 feet long and 4 foot 6 inch tall therefore I am always viewing and talking at a child’s prospective.

Social Interaction is just one of the benefits, below describes other areas to benefit from. Basically these chairs give you independence and a better quality of life. Highly recommend.