Taking a lunchtime break, I’m sitting on the roof at work, in the sun away from the cold of the day, which is my version of stopping to smell the roses.  It’s beautiful up here.

The airport is always busy. I see thousands of people arriving and leaving by cars, taxis and buses. On the other side of the terminal I see names on the planes which spur envy. I gaze at travelers, wondering what exotic faraway places they’re headed for.

As I watch the planes taking off, it still amazes me how these monsters gracefully get off the ground, but as they do.  I wonder where they are headed and, for a moment, it brings an uplifting rush of excitement. So many people out there still to meet. So many exotic, faraway destinations still out there waiting for me to discover them.

Then lunch break is over and I wheel back to my desk, to be lost again in computer programs and IT maintenance, but I go knowing life offers so much more than this. There is magic to be taken if we just reach out and grab it.