“The Kong”

Greatest Toy Ever For Your Dog

I first purchased the kong as it seemed to be a new toy for my dog but he would not play with. Then one day I saw a show on TV and they mentioned about using “peanut butter”.

So I tried it and the obsolete kong was now number one play toy.
Just a few broken biscuits and it lasts him for hours. Now a days it doesn’t even matter if I don’t have any peanut butter in it but always a bonus when there is.

The only down side, it’s a health hazard to a wheelie.

photo(5)There are at times it’s unknowingly placed under my wheelchair or in a dark hallway which comes with a sudden realisation of that “dam kong“.

This morning the kong became my worst nightmare, there I was flat on my back, wheelchair across the room and that big red kong proudly looking at me.
Thanks Tommy (my dog) now I’m on the floor guess you want to play!!!

Wish he would put his toys away after he has been playing with them but I guess he is just like any other kid.

It’s his 13th birthday on Friday (27th March 2015) so I guess I can’t be to hard on him after all he is a great companion and talented help dog. My Mate.