My Bravery Medal

Investiture Government House Sydney


Protecting the Safety of Staff & the General Public at Sydney Airport.

In 1991, a would-be terrorist chose Sydney Airport for his demonstration against the Gulf War. Arming himself with knives and Molotov cocktails, he tried to create enough havoc to get himself shot. He had no fear of dying as his religious group believed in reincarnation.



On the morning of the 5th of March, 1991, Mr Samuels, a Security Officer with the Federal Airports Corporation, restrained an armed man threatening public safety at Kingsford-Smith Airport.

The offender, suffering from a dangerous personality disorder, had endeavoured to damage motor vehicles, inflicted bodily harm on a number of people and was threatening members of the public, Security Staff and Police with a knife when Mr Samuels took action.

Without regard for the dangers to himself, he briskly moved a female Security Officer to safety and tackled the offender, bringing him to the ground and enabling other personnel to subdue him.Although armed with a heavy torch, the Security Officer did not use it in restraining the offender as he did not wish to inflict unnecessary injury.

In the course of his struggle with the offender Mr Samuels received a stab wound in the spinal area, resulting in him losing the use of his legs.

By his actions, Mr Samuels displayed considerable bravery.


Thursday, 22nd April, 1993