My life changed dramatically 24 years ago when I saved a stranger’s life from a terrorist, who then put me in my chair. I was awarded the Australian Bravery Medal, and then largely left to my own devices to find a way to go on living in a body that wrapped me with pain and stopped so many of my normal activities that I consider this my second life, not a continuation of my first.

How does this effect you, my reader? None of us know when life can change dramatically and force us to prove who we really are. You might not have to risk your life for someone, it could be more everyday: a woman chooses not to terminate an inconvenient pregnancy, a father gives up smoking to improve family finances and his likelihood of being there to watch his kids grow up, a family decides to do without a weekly treat so they can support a child in some underprivileged country.

We can choose to be heroes every day. I pray this never involves you losing as much as I did, but I also pray that you will step up even in small ways every single day so that together we can make this world somewhere worth living in, and give our children something worth inheriting.