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Welcome to My Site

Whether you are coming to terms with spinal injury, facing some other life-changing challenge, or just looking for an uplifting, thought provoking read, this site seeks to inform, to support and to inspire you. It documents my personal story of trial and triumph, as well as information about affiliated people, groups and organisations. I have included stories and articles which I found of interest in the hope that you  will also.

A Second Chance @ Life

In a random moment of inflicted violence, my second life began. Becoming a paraplegic affects so much more than just your physical body. Join with me as I explore my loves, interests, thoughts and views from an entirely different perspective. At times my posts may include memories and comparisons of my past and present lives.

All content on this site is written by me or credited to source, with links appropriately displayed.

My Goal

By allowing people into my thoughts, knowledge and experiences, I hope to combat ignorance and break down barriers for people with disabilities. Inclusion MUST be more than a popular political catchword. When we learn to value and accomodate all of our fellow human beings, we invite Peace, Joy and Happiness into our lives and into the lives of others. (Contact Me)